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   September - 19 - 2017

   Just wanted to extend a big thanks to you and your team. The match and fit was perfect on my piece.  I may do one                      more next year.    You have earned a customer here.   Nice work.

    Mike P.

    Byron Center, Michigan

June - 28 - 2017

Raymond DG.

The Netherlands

As you can see in the picture.   The total stern seat looks beautyfull!  I'm verry happy with it!  Thank you for the good service. Next year I'll order some skins for the front of the boat.


     Christines, Before I loose track of you guys, thanks for all you do!!!!!!!  Skins are fantastic!!!! And really enjoy your

     professionalism.  I didn’t finish drive/pass seat/motor box, before vacation. But did use boat 14 motor hours in 4 days.

     Had remarkabel comments about upholstery and old school boat !!!!!

     Thanks again,

     Steve L.


June- 4- 2017

Jed R.
Lake Ponderosa
Montezuma, IA

     I completely forgot to send pictures of my 1996 Sport Nautique makeover. I have 3 girls that are all on the same All Star

Cheer Team and all love to wakeboard. I completely redid my 1996 Sport Nautique in their team colors and team logo.

I am no professional upholster but I think It looks amazing.     Couldn't have done it without you.







                Hello there,   Carpet done, replaced the ply on the center floor eliminating the vinyl trim pieces

                                                                                            for a cleaner look.

                                                                                                    Mark Mc
                                                                                            New Hampshire


              Motor Box and drivers seat done boy what a difference the new foam in drivers seat does and the bare feet

                                                         feel good  on the new  carpet ... Nearing completion.

                  Motor Box done, finished tucking the carpet underside back into trim strip, hinges and handle back on

                                 last night,  carpeted corners came out fine as your instructions indicate to do


                                                                                           July -25-2016

         Rear and Obsrver seat done...Even rplaced the carpet and trim below the observer seat, Just a few pieces left 



          Enjoy ...also look at the carpet, new horn button , new motor box handle, sano pad you made it happen, Thanks

                                                                                              Mark Mc
                                                                                         New Hampshire






     Chris T. here, You restored a 1981 ski for us back in 2009. That boat is still perfect! only 75 hours on it since you did the

     work. Boat looks brand new still!!

     The 1981 still makes heads turn and I am very proud of your work!!




                                                                                        March -23-2016

                       Hello!  Today my Nautique stuff arrived to Sweden.  Thank you for excellent service, the skins looks perfect.

                                             I send you some picture when the -81 Ski Nautique is ready for the lake.


                                                                                           Fredrik H.



                                                                                          June- 6-2016

                                                                                       Ready to Barefoot!

                                                                                          Thanks for all.



George/Others at Christine’s Marine,

I wanted to take a moment to share with you the pictures of my new 1984 Ski Nautique. 

The skins you provided fit very well.    Thanks for the quality,

Gary T. R.

Baton Rouge, LA





     Thanks once again for your prompt and excellent service. I've used you folks over the years a number of times and the

     product is the best, easy to install and fits like a glove.  My 1995 looks like new thanks to you folks.

     Very best to you,

     Bruce W.

     Crete, Illinois


     December 6-2013

     By the way, the skins you set us were great, Keep up the good work.                                                     

     Off Shore Marine

     New Jersey



Hi Guys, Installed the skins on all the seats and they look great !


Kostas N.

Valparaiso, In.




     Hi Guys,

     I just wanted to thank you for all of your services, our new Westland boat  cover has just arrived & it is the Beez Knees

     (awsome), fits perfect.  

     I still can't believe how quick it arrived from ordering & over the busy holiday season.

     Thanks again, most appreciated.


     Tom and Trish

     Hollywell, QLD 



     Dear George

     Thank you again for all your hard work.  The skins we have recieved to date have been faultless and your service has

     been great.

     Kind Regards
     Tom  and Trish L

     Hollywell, QLD



     Thanks Christine and George and Co.,

     Looks great, thank you . You all do great work, the back seats are perfect . I hope I can do half as good on the drivers

     and observers seats.  I may phone for a few pointers. 

     Thanks again,

     Charlie E.
     Lewisville,  N.C.   


     February 15-2012


     The boat cover arrived today Thursday 16 Feb.  They shipped it on 9th Feb. which was fast and the delivery to Australia with

     USPS was quite fast as well.

     It has been a pleasure doing business with your company.


     Mark L.


     January 15-2012

     Thanks for the skins.  They look great.  Thank you also for the tips writeup.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.

     There will be other orders in the future, when I do my 88 nautique.

     Rich G.

     Grove, Wisconsin




     Thank you very much for the prompt service, I was a first time customer and I had heard a lot about your business. I have

     received everything in a timely fashion and I was pleased with all the products that you sent.

     I will be a loyal customer and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. I will do my best to spread the

     word about your business to my friends.

     Thanks again,

     Justin L.
     Sarasota, FL 


     Hi, this is a note to say thank you for the outstanding job on my 1995 correct craft upholstery.

I enclosed some pictures of the finished boat. It turned out great. Thanks again,

Alan F.

Augusta, Georgia 



Thanks for making it so easy for me... Here is some pictures of my boat everything done..

Mr. & Mrs. Joe P, Jr.

Parkton, North Carolina 




     Dear Christine,

     Summer really took it's time coming to Tahoe this year. Just about 10 days ago we were still shoveling snow from

     the decks.  But alas, warm weather with bright blue sunny skies.

     We fitted the new skins to the motorbox and observer seat this weekend. I am very impressed with the quality of

     your work.

     I do a bit of sewing and repairing so I can appreciate your skill. Thanks to you our boat is looking really nice.

     Not sure if I'll get any water skiing in this year but I can tell you I will be out on Tahoe in the boat enjoying how nice the

     upholstery looks.

     Thanks again for the great communication and professional product. It has been a pleasure to do business with you.

     I will pass your name along to some friends who have a fleet of Nautiques for their waterski school.

     Best regards,

     Pam W.

     South Lake Tahoe, California



     Hi George..
     Just wanted to let you know I received my order. I have only installed a couple of the covers so far, but I just wanted to

     let you know how thrilled I am with the quality of your work!  It is nice to see people that take pride in their work and
     are true craftsmen..
     The fit and finish of your products is exceptional!
     Thanks so much!
     Colin H. 

     Delta, British Columbia, Canada


     March-4- 2011

     Hey George and Christine,
     I must say that I still smile ear to ear when I get in my Super Sport since you guys re-did it... and whats it been, getting on 3 

     years now I think.  Still looks brand new.  And I still get compliments on it everytime its out.

     Thanks a bunch, hope all is well with you and your keeping busy.
     Scott K.

     Parrish (formerly Palmetto) FL



     Topic: Cool Booster Seat (Buttzup)

     I just spent the first weekend on the water in NH on my '86 2001 SN with an functional but cool "booster" seat/cushion

     that was made by Christine's ( They have given this thing a funny name called ButtZup!
     I used to use a couple of life vests or throw cushions stacked on the seat but this booster cushion is custom-made for the

     SN cockpit seat and works like a dream. 

     I don't need to sit on the back of the seat or on those cushions that slipped around and look messy.  The ButtZup is about

     6" thick, made of marine foam and Vinyl and has a strap to hold it down.  It's medium firm and provides enough

     support and comfort.  I am about 5' 5" tall and using this booster I feel like I am in the perfect spot.
     I don't have a picture but maybe Christine's will be putting one up.

    Jamie M. 




     Gotta tell you, this seat insert is amazing! The lift height is perfect and the thing is bomb proof. If you need a little

          extra height while driving, this is the thing for you.

     Jamie M.


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