Inboard Boat Parts

As most of our Customers know that

We NO Longer make the Skins for your Correct Craft / Nautique Boats

To show our Appreciation for Past, Present & Future Customers,

We would like to Continue Sharing our Knowledge on Installing some Parts


Graphic/Decal Install Instructions


 Required Items needed for installation. 

Squeegee, masking tape, glass cleaner, dry paper towels, measuring tape or ruler.


 Do not apply any vinyl graphics in direct sunlight. Make sure it is between 60 degrees and 80 degrees F

 Do not store unapplied graphics in direct sunlight - damage may occur.

 All dirt, grease & wax must be removed from the boat surface before the decal is applied.  This includes wax from mechanical washes, rain-x, compound, etc.  Failure to take this step may result in the decal not sticking to the boats surface.


All surfaces must be free of wax, dirt, & old adhesive residue before applying your vinyl graphics to ensure proper adhesion.  Make sure the area is clean or peeling or lifting can occur.

Fiberglass Boats: Clean with acetone or 3M General Purpose Adhesive Remover (our preferred cleaner).  After the solvent has evaporated, wipe the area down with soapy water (a few drops of dish soap mixed with water in a spray bottle).


Remove decals from packaging.  Lay flat on a smooth table in an area that is at least 60° F and below 80° F.


1.  Clean area where the decal will be applied.

2.  Remove the paper back.

3.  Start from one end & carefully press the decal into its desired position while working out air pockets.

4.  Carefully remove clear covering making sure you do not rip the decal.

There A Shelf Life For The Vinyl Graphics/Decals.  The Manufacturer Recommends 1-Year Shelf Life.


Motor Box Aluminum Trim  -  SKU I-1011

Required Items needed for installation. 

Rivets. Clamp for holding in place.


The aluminum trim is shipped with the 12 foot piece rolled & the 2 foot piece straight.  It is the only cost effective way to ship it.  You can roll it out straight by doing it on the edge of a sheet of plywood or any straight edge.  You then mark the center of the larger trim piece with a grease pencil or crayon.  Using the ski pole or a pole outside of the boat is better, if available, about the same size & make the bend using the old trim as a reference making sure you are bending the correct side of the trim.  Once that bend is made, with some help, rivet the bend to the front center of the motor box using at least 3 rivets.  Now you can work your way around each way riveting as you go.  If you had the center mark on the trim centered in the bend on the motor box for the ski pylon, then the ends of the trim should be in the same place on the rear of the motor box.  You then cut the 2 foot piece to fill the area between the ends.  This should all be apparent when looking at the old trim.


Rub Rail Rope or Insert Replacement

 SKU E-2008 -  SKU E-2019 - SKU E-2020

Required Items needed for installation.

An 8 inch piece of 1/2 inch metal conduit & a spray bottle with a liquid soap water mixture.


1.  Remove the old rope or insert & clean the rub rail rope channel.

2.  Feed one end of the rope or insert through the conduit.  Let a few inches hang out the end.

3 Starting at an end of the rub rail, spray the soap solution in the rub rail channel in about a 1 or 2 foot area.

4.  Holding the conduit at a 45 degree angle to the rub rail, force the end of the conduit with the end of the rope or insert sticking out into the channel at the end of the rub rail.

5.  Pull the end of conduit along inside the channel while feeding rope or insert into the conduit.  As you pull the conduit along the rope or insert stays in the channel.

NOTE - Be sure to keep the channel soapy ahead of you.