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Cup Holder, Folding

Upright mount beverage holder.

Black.  Size 4 X 4 inch

SKU I-1004 - Price $8.00


Cup Holder, Flush insert

Black plastic.

Collar 4 3/8 X 3 1/8 inch deep.

Hole Opening 3 5/8 inch.

SKU I-1005 - Price $5.00


Plastic "Christmas Tree" Fasteners.

Double sided

SKU I-1007 - Price $.50


Medallion Badge

2006-Up Super Air 220

SKU I-1021 - Price $48.00


Drain Plug

With flange

SKU I-1068 - Price $40.00


Shift Knob

Original Style Replacement

1970 & up.  Mahogany

3/8 inch - NF threads

SKU I-1032 - Price $25.00


Inspection Hatch

Twist lock style.

Pop in and other sizes available

Dimensions: 10 inch collar

SKU I-1008 - Price $47.00


Inspection Hatch

Pop out style.

Dimensions: 10 inch collar

SKU I-1034 - Price $36.00

 Latch Lock

Cooler & Ski Locker floor lock.  Used in older models,

Sport & Super Sport.  Also, 2003-2004

Includes 2 keys, Adjustable locking

inside 3 2/8 x 15/16 - outside 3 5/8 x 1 3/8 long

SKU I-1038 - Price $45.00


Hatch Lock Set

Complete hatch latch and lock set.

One key included.

SKU I-1009 - Price $47.00



Hatch Hinge Set

Used on 230 and 236 Models

Fold Up type, White powder coated

SKU I-1031- pair - Price $40.00



Used on Stern Seat 1990 and Newer

Threaded Inside

SKU I-1078 - Price $8.00


Motor Box Handle Chrome

Used on all Motor Boxes

SKU I-1013 - Price $21.00


Grab Handle

Fits 2002-2005 Ski Nautique,

2003-2007 Sport/Air,

2003-2005 Ski Nautique Open Bow (SNOB)

White - Limited supply

SKU I-1076w - Price $11.00


Seat Swivel

Used in 1989 Sport

SKU I-1077 - Price $242.00

Seat Tracks

Drivers seat & some Observer seats.

Adjustable seat slides. Includes Handle and

Stainless Steel Fasteners

SKU I-1010 - Price $50.00



Spacer Seat Slide, Cone Washer

Used with seat tracks I-1010

SKU I-1017 - Price $.50


Driver Seat Braces

Used with the shell type seat

SKU I-1037 - Price $46.00


Driver Hump Cover

Drivers seat hump cover fits 94-up

SKU I-1022 - Price $85.00


Driver Seat Mounting Base

Height from floor to front top 3 1/2 inches

Height in back 2 inches

SKU I-1023 - Price $154.00


Driver Seat Frame

Standard Style.  Aluminum.  

Tig Welded

SKU I-1018 - pair - Price $225.00


Driver and/or Observer 

Seat Frame

Standard style.  Aluminum.

Tig welded

SKU I-1019 - pair - Price $250.00


Take Apart Hinge

Chrome plated Brass

Used with SKU #I-1019

4 inch long X 2 inch wide

SKU I-1015 - pair - Price $30.00


Angled Hinge

Used on older boats.

Stainless Steel, Pin included

SKU I-1025 - Price $32.00

Temporarily OUT of stock

Motor Box Hinge

Used on older boats.

These are Replacement Hinges.

Originals NO longer available.

Holes may not line up.  

Stainless Steel.  Includes Pin

Or can use Quick Release Pin I-1030

SKU I-1029 - Price $34.00


Hinge Pin

Used in older boats.  Push in release.

Stainless Steel.  1 1/2 inch shank, 3 inch overall

SKU I-1030 - 5/16 inchPrice $35.00

SKU I-1030Q - 1/4 inch - Price $35.00


Motor Box Hinge

Black plastic

SKU I-1020 - Price $6.00


Motor Box Inner Latch

Black Rubber

SKU I-1027 - Price $10.00


Motor Box Outer Latch

Black Rubber

SKU I-1028 - Price $18.00


Motor Box Trim

Aluminum trim used on bottom of motor box, walls

and dash on older models.  1/8 inch wider than

original trim that's no longer available.

Pre drilled.  12 foot length or cut to order

SKU I-1011 - 12 foot - Price $44.00

SKU I-1011A - per foot - Price $5.00


Motor Box Rubber Trim

Used along bottom edge  of newer "clam shell"

motor box.   Most clam shell require 12 foot.  Black

SKU I-1014 - per foot - Price $4.00



Can be used as seat stopper or as

motor box stopper on floor

4inch long X 1 inch wide X 1 inch tall

SKU #-1075 - Price $2.00


Carpet Trim, Rubber

Used on older boats where floor carpet meets wall

carpet and on edges of rear floor access board.

Use with 14 oz carpet.  12 foot long.

SKU I-1012 - Price $30.00



Glove Box Gas Spring

Fits most glove boxes, coolers and

storage compartments.  Short gas shock.

8 1/4 inch long, 20lb

7 1/2 from center to center connecter

SKU D-9005 - Price $19 .00



Hatch Gas Spring

Fits most 2003 - 2009 196, 206, 216

2010 216

Gas shock, 15 inch long, 30 lb

SKU I-1016 - Price $17.00



Ski Locker Gas Spring

Fits most floor Ski Locker & rear

Hatches.  Gas shock,

17 1/4 inch long, 20 lb

SKU I-1035 - Price $20.00


Gas Spring

Fits most Observer Seats and Hatches

95 and newer, 196, 206 and 216

Gas shock, 17 1/4 inch long, 80 lb

May be used elsewhere.

SKU I-1036 - Price $20.00


Gas Spring

Fits most Motor Boxes. Also used elsewhere.

95 and newer, 196, 206 and 216

Clamshell boxes take 2 different sizes

Gas shock, 17.2 inch long, 40 lb

SKU I-1040 - Price $20.00


Gas Spring

Fits most rear hatches. 

Used on Direct Drive Motor Boxes.

Gas shock, 17.2 inch long, 60 lb

SKU I-1041 - Price $20.00



Observer Seat Gas Spring

Fits most 90-93 Ski, 93-94 Sport

90-94 Barefoot/Excel

Gas shock 20 inch long, 120 lb.  Bolt in

SKU I-1042 - Price $38.00


Gas Spring Bracket

SKU I-1069 - Price $7.00


Gas Spring Bracket

SKU I-1070 - Price $7.00


Gas Spring Bracket

SKU I-1071 -  Price $7.00


Gas Spring Bracket

SKU I-1072 - Price $10.00


Gas Spring Bracket

SKU I-1073 - Price $10.00


Cargo Net, Motor Box

Black replacement net

Free Hanging Style from elastic cord.

Dimensions: approx 10 1/2 X 18 inch wide

SKU I-1002 - Price $25.00

Cargo Net, Motor Box

Black replacement net

Hang from elastic cord, Slides into

a insert track on motor box.

Dimensions: approx 10 X 25 inch wide

SKU I-1003 - Price $40.00



Cargo Net, Motor Box

Black replacement net - Use 1998 ALL 

Hang from elastic cord, Slides into

a insert track on motor box.

Dimensions: approx 9 X 14 1/2 wide

SKU I-1039 - Price $32.00


Cargo Net, Wall

Black replacement net, Hangs from elastic cord,

hem in bottom for your insert to attach to floor.

I-1056 Used in 2004 Ski 196 and some others

SKU I-1033 - 10 X 84 inch - Price $35.00

In stock

SKU I-1056 - 10 X 64 inch - Price $30.00


Cargo Net, Hatch

Black replacement Net. Used in 2004 SKi 196 and

some other models.  Elastic top.  Staples into your 

removable insert. Size 11 1/2 X 19 1/2 inch wide

SKU I-1057 - Price $15.00


Net Hook

Used to secure cargo nets.  Nylon

SKU I-1024 - Price $.50


Net Track

Add a net you your boat.  

Used with nets I-1039 & I-1003

Cut to order, up to 64 inch 

SKU I-1074 - per foot - Price $4.00


Throw Cushion

U.S. Coast Guard approved. With grab straps

White with Black straps

SKU I-1026 - Price $24.00

Speaker Cloth, Replacement

SKU I-1006 - each - Price $3.00 

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