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Air Stapler

Porter Cable, Includes oil and fitting.

Narrow crown.  Same one we use. 

SKU T-4001 - Price $116.00



1/4 Inch, 22 gauge, Stainless Steel.

Narrow crown. Quantity 1000

SKU T-4005 -  Price $10.00




3/8 inch, 22 gauge, Stainless Steel, Narrow Crown

SKU T-4006 - Quantity 5000 - Price $45.00

SKU T-4008 - Quantity 2000 - Price $20.00


Staple Removal Tool

A must Have !!

SKU T-4002 - Price $23.00



Slip Film, Cut to Order

Apply to foam, for ease of skin installation.

Slip film is doubled over so you get 2 yards

for the price of one.  48 inch wide.

SKU T-4003 - per yard - Price $2.00


Dacron, Cut to Order

Used to help fill out hollow corners, or foam

inperfections.  27 inch wide.

SKU T-4004 - per yard - Price $5.00


Foam, Cut to Order

Used on some motor boxes for fillers &

cushion tops.  Lightly backed

60 inch wide X 1/4 inch thick

SKU T-4009 -  per yard - Price $5.00


China Marker

Choice of White, Yellow or Black

SKU T-4007 - Price $1.50




Strap, Cut to Order

1 inch replacement strap

SKU T-4013B - Black - per yard - Price $3.00

SKU T-4013W - White - per yard - Price $3.00



Fan Forced Heater

Personal Size.  Ideal for warming up your Upholstery

skins for ease of installation

SKU T-4010 - Price $24.00



Stretch Cord, Cut to Order

Used with most nets. Black.  1/8 inch

SKU T-4012 - per yard - Price $.50

Net, Cut to Order

Used on Motor Box, Walk thru Walls,

Under Coam Pads, Hatches, etc.

Black, Tan or White.  60 inch wide

SKU T-4011 - per yard - Price $19.00


Underliner, Cut to Order.  

Used under some Seat Bases, Hatches and Backrest

Comes Plain in, White, Grey or Zepher  60 inch wide

SKU T-4014per yard - Price $8.00  



Black with 'Nautique'  54 inch wide

SKU T-4014B - per yard - Price $22.00


Hidem, Cut to Order.

Used to conceal staples on some Seat bases, Hatches

and Backrest,  for a new finished look 1/2 inch wide

SKU T-4015 - per yardPrice $1.90  



Welt,  Cut to Order.

Used to accent around Coam pads and Backrest.  

SKU T-4016 per yard - Price $1.25


    Speaker Cloth, Replacement  

      SKU I-1006 - each - Price $3.00

Sano Step Pad, Cut to Order

'N' logo in Black Rubber.  Self Adhesive Backing

Please order a little larger as some trimming may be

required by you to get your perfect fit. 1/8 thickness.

 'N' is 7/8 x 2 1/2 w.  Maximum size 52 3/4 X 36 inch

Black.  Length X Width = Total square inch


SKU E-2000 -  Per SQ inch - Price $0.22

Sano Pad Sizes Left in Stock Will be No longer available 
                                   1 each of the below sizes

2 1/4 X 21 long = $10.40
2 1/2 X 16 long = $8.80
2 1/2 X 33 long = $18.15
4 1/2 X 12 long = $11.88
4 3/4 X 40 long = $41.80

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