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When filling out the form to request information about our products and services

Be sure to include your HULL NUMBER, located under the right rear outside of the boat or on your title.

Also, indicate if you have a larger engine option.


When you click to 'Submit' you will recieve a confirnation.


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The embroidered Correct Craft/Nautique logos are duplicated under licensing by Correct Craft IP Holdings, LLC to ensure originality

We are the only Replacement Upholstery Skin maker Licensed to Duplicate 

Correct Craft / Nautique Logos on Upholstery Skins

We do not share your information and will not email you soliciting your business.  We simply believe there is more you should know than just the price and we can be more precise and accurate by putting everything in writing.  It also allows us to keep your information on file for future reference should you need our services again. 


If you want to place an order for parts, accessories, etc.

with our SKU# from the web site, Please contact us directly at


Correct Craft, Nautique and all models names, ie; Ski, Sport, Air, Super Sport, etc.

 are Registered Trademarks of Correct Craft/Nautique, Inc.  


Christine's Enterprises and Christine's Marine are not affliated with Correct Craft/Nautique, Inc.